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Pet Owners

“Medicating fractious cats is no longer a problem, thanks to transdermal preparations. Pets get their medications and clients don’t get frustrated struggling with pills.”

Valerie McDaniel, DVM
The Montrose Veterinary Clinic
Houston, TX

“For small exotic patients accurate dosing is extremely important. Using medications compounded into oral formulations helps us to be sure that the patient receives the correct dose at every treatment. The addition of flavors to the medications aids in client compliance, helping owners to administer medication like a treat.”

Natalie Antinoff, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian)
Gulf Coast Avian & Exotics
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists
Houston, TX

“Having access to BCP Veterinary Pharmacy for our compounding needs has been a huge asset to our practice. Their flavor chews are loved by all the animals we treat. Our staff loves them because they make administering medications so easy!”

Byron Germann, DVM
Central Houston Animal Hospital
Houston, TX

“There seems to be more of a smooth regulation of the glucose when using the pure beef PZI. In one case, I had a cat that had never been able to be regulated on any insulin until we tried the beef PZI from BCP Veterinary Pharmacy. The quality and consistency have been excellent. It is also worth noting that beef PZI is recommended to be the best choice for cats based on veterinary lectures by Gary Norsworthy, DVM whose expertise in this area is highly regarded.”

Roland Lenarduzzi, DVM
Manvel, TX

"The use of BCP PZI insulin has greatly improved the management and control of many of my diabetic feline patients by providing more consistent blood glucose levels. The result is happier cats!"

Taffi Tippit, DVM
Bissonnet/Southampton Veterinary Clinic

"BCP's capsule formulations are a very helpful and economic option in dosing patients that will not take ANY other type of medication."

Heidi Hottinger, DVM
Gulf Coast Veterinary Surgery Orthopedics & Neurology
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

"I have known Jennifer for over 12 years. Throughout our long-standing relationship, she and the staff at BCP Veterinary Pharmacy have been consistent in their routine formulations and very helpful in creating novel solutions to match each animal's particular problem. Jennifer is always open to innovative ideas and her approach to veterinary pharmacy is forward-thinking."

Rob Coke, DVM
Senior Staff Veterinarian
San Antonio Zoo


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